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In 1999, I decided I wanted a career in the fitness industry. Not willing to settle for just getting a personal training certification, I pursued a graduate degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. In 2011, I also completed a year long health coaching program at Integrative Nutrition. The skills and knowledge I learned in these programs, combined with my twenty-seven years of running and racing experience has allowed me to approach my coaching practice from both scientific and real-world standpoints. This unique coaching perspective ensures that my clients receive the most up to date training methodologies.

In 2009 after wearing many hats including Group Fitness Director, Corporate Wellness Coordinator, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Run Coach and Brand Ambassador I decided the best way to reach a larger audience and have a bigger impact was to start a fitness blog.

In August 2012, I launched Race Pace Wellness – a virtual run coaching service. I’ve spent a ton of time over the course of the past two years brainstorming how I could help more runners reach their goals or get expert advice that’s specific to them and their goals. Race Pace Run Club is the answer.

I hope you’ll join Race Pace Run Club whether in-person to learn something new, connect with other runners and help grow a supportive running community. Together as a team we’ll tackle challenges, set goals, work together in a supportive community and celebrate our successes.

RPRC Support Crew

Melissa O’Shea MS RD

Melissa completed her master’s degree in nutrition education at Columbia University. Throughout her career, Melissa has gained experience in several nutrition specialty areas including weight management, cardiac health, diabetes, sports nutrition and pre and postnatal nutrition. Melissa is the National Director of Nutrition at exhale spa, as well as an adjunct professor at a local college. She also works extensively in corporate wellness, presenting lectures and health fairs at numerous corporations throughout the New York City area. Melissa is a runner herself and enjoys helping Race Pace Runners effectively fuel their workouts and feel their best while meeting training goals.

Finish Line Physical Therapy

FLPT utilizes a personal, functional approach to rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement. We’ve accumulated a variety of “tools in the toolbox” to help you reach your finish line, including: Manual Therapy techniques, including Functional Manual Reaction, Active Release Technique and Massage; 3D Exercises to Build Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Balance and Endurance; AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills; Gait Analysis using advance Optojump technology; and Normatec Compression Sleeves to enhance recovery. Our goal is to evaluate and treat the entire body as a functional whole — a fresh alternative to conventional methods of physical therapy that generally isolate individual joints or body parts. We specialize in working with an active population, whether you’re a first-time runner looking to complete a 5K or a triathlete training for an Ironman. For more information, visit http://www.finishlinept.com.