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Numbers Do Not Define You

Watch at Home


This week’s assignment is simple. Go for a run without your watch.

The numbers on our watch don’t always have a positive effect. Sometimes our watch, especially a high-tech GPS watch, can discourage us instead of encourage us.

The number on the scale doesn’t define us and neither does the time on our watch.

Don’t let that little thing on your wrist determine how you feel about yourself or your run.

Instead of posting the typical garmin/gps watch photo on instagram this week, post a photo of your wrist without a watch. As always add the hashtag #racepacerunner.

I can’t wait to see you run free this week!

Track Etiquette

Running on a track has a lot of great benefits. However for many runners that have never run on a track, it can be a daunting first time experience. This week, I’m going to discuss the etiquette of track running and give you an assignment that will make you feel like a track star!

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Lane Selection
The inner most track lane is 400 meters (quarter mile) in distance. Therefore when performing track workouts that pertain to a set distance, you will want to run on the inside lane. However when not running hard, you should run in the outside lane to avoid blocking other runners performing workouts

Passing/Getting Passed
When passing other runners on the track, it is most common to pass on the right. If you hear someone yell, “Track” behind you, it means that you’re in their way and you should move over one lane to the right.

Always run in a counter clockwise direction – unless otherwise noted. However, don’t think everyone one will adhere to this. Therefore before stepping onto a track, look both directions.

track workout

While some fast runners use special shoes make for tracks (called: Spikes or Flats), just wear your normal running shoes for track workouts.

Since you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings at all times, headphones are not recommended.

Some tracks set aside times for organized team practices. While this might not be an issue so long as you run in an outside lane, if you notice a team practice going on, ask what the protocol is for running on the track at the same time.