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Get Strong Obliques: Try My Favorite Side Plank Variation

Strong Obliques

Advanced Side Plank Steps

Try my favorite side plank variation.

The obliques are responsible for lateral flexion of the torso and help the spine rotate. While running the obliques work together with other core muscles to maintain proper running form.

Why This Variation? 
In this plank variation both your left and right obliques are engaged and active working to stabilize.

Perform it

  1. Start in a side plank position. Make sure your shoulders are stacked and your body is in a straight line. Lift your top leg away from your bottom leg.
  2. Stretch and extend your top arm over your head.
  3. While laterally flexing through your obliques bring your top arm and leg towards each other.
  4. Return to side plank position, keeping your leg elevated and pause before repeating the exercise.

Try doing this plank variation at least once this week. Start by doing ten reps on each side for one set and build up from there. Feel free to modify this side plank variation by bending your bottom knee and placing it on a mat.